multiple products and platforms

Advanced Simulation Combat Operations Trainer (ASCOT) was designed to work seamlessly with other CFG systems as both a control and as a complimentary system. Current Operations and Integration (O&I) evaluation reports, compiled by the USAF Combat Air Force’s DMO integration team leads, consistently show the PLEXSYS ASCOT system as the most cross platform capable CFG certified for CAF DMO. At present ASCOT can perform entity transfer of control with most other CGFs in the industry, and is progressively integrated with all others as we proceed with advanced product development.

Aside from ASCOT, other PLEXSYS products include sonomarc, PLEXComm, Direct Link Interface (DLI), and Video Audio Data After Action Review (VADAAR) Live Virtual Constructive (LVC). They not only interoperate with DIS or HLA systems on the network, but also support a number of other interfaces to integrate with both digital and analog systems. Due to the complexities of simulation environments, maintaining these interfaces and continually analyzing the need to introduce new ones is a key part of the integration strategy at PLEXSYS. Such a commitment to interoperability and responsiveness to changing environments has received accolades across our customer base.