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PLEXSYS Product Support gives customers tailored support and implementation of its solutions to maximize the effectiveness of our products.  Please use one of the contact options below to reach our Product Support Specialists.  Alternatively, you can submit a ticket via the Help Desk Website and one of our specialists will contact you.

Call: 360-838-2520


Help Desk Webpage

The PLEXSYS Help Desk system is designed to provide a convenient way for customers to report an issue, get product assistance, ask a question or provide input for future product improvements. PLEXSYS is very responsive to its customers and wants to ensure their issues and questions are answered as soon as possible. Four main features provide the tools and support to customers worldwide:

  • Self-Service Portal 
  • Messenger
  • Chat Transcript
  • Email



At ImmersaView, our detailed development process allows us to consult with you to discover what challenges you face and the ways in which you wish to expand. This allows us to carefully analyze your case to develop a solution using ImmersaView software to directly address the challenges you face. Our goal is to take you beyond boundaries.

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