Our software solutions operate integrated with both commercial and government off-the-shelf system, as a PLEXSYS ecosystem or standalone.

They focus on the following areas:

  • A Framework that equips teams with more realistic training, smarter testing, rapid and more informative analysis, and more detailed decision-making
  • Create and Control live/synthetic blended training environments to be realistic, efficient and effective
  • Communicate to bring communities of interest together in a relevant manner
  • Deliver immersive Displays to enhance awareness and understanding
  • Capture and Analyze distributed information to maximize learning and readiness gains
These solution sets are further enhanced by our Services:
  • Interfaces which ensure we can work and play well with other government and industry capabilities
  • Cybersecurity and physical security expertise and procedural excellence
  • World-class Support from an integrated team of professionals committed to enabling your greater success

Simulation Framework

Our team knows that full cohesion and seamless integration are critical to military readiness and it’s what inspired us to build our innovative framework. This technology provides a powerful modeling and simulation foundation across the armed forces.


  • Training
  • Testing
  • Analysis
  • Decision-making


EnGen equips teams with more realistic training, smarter testing, rapid and more informative analysis, and more detailed operational decision-making — improving performance from air, land, maritime, and beyond to space and cyberspace.


Create & Control

PLEXSYS has been pushing the boundaries with inspiring solutions for live/synthetic blended environment creation and control for over 30 years. From quickly generating any size scenario to controlling and globally-distributing thousands of entities, PLEXSYS can tailor the right solutions for your specific needs—including simulating and integrating a variety of military LVC datalink messages.


  • Air/Land/Maritime Training Environments
  • Scenario Generation
  • LVC Datalinks
  • Model Behaviors
  • Radar & Weapons

Advanced Simulation Combat Operations Trainer (ASCOT) 5

ASCOT is a real-time interactive simulation tool that easily manages the entire battlespace from single ship Close Air Support (CAS) missions to multi-axis, multi-ship Special Operations. Multiple systems can be networked together at a single site, or at multiple sites around the world for dynamic large-scale joint and coalition exercises.


Advanced Simulation Combat Operations Trainer (ASCOT) 7

The ASCOT 7 System is a dynamic and intuitive Computer-Generated Forces (CGF) platform for use in your M&S environment. With its cutting-edge user interface, modular and scalable design, and comprehensive yet extensible database, ASCOT 7 simplifies the development of complex scenarios for your training needs and budget.


Direct Link Interface (DLI)

Direct Link Interface (DLI) is a hardware and software solution for customers with a requirement to interface operational data link terminals and live participants, with virtual or constructive participants in a simulated, virtual world.



PLEXSYS communication solutions fit your unique requirements, whether platform-specific or tailored instructor/white force application. From a variety of “off-the-shelf” synthetic communication software and hardware packages to custom-made features and hardware interfaces, we can help you add powerful communication capabilities within your live/synthetic blended training environments.


  • Platforms, Instructors & Scripted Voice
  • Radio Simulation
  • LVC Interfaces


sonomarc is a client-server system providing modern, automated, and flexible communication capabilities and audio distribution. It enables standards-compliant connections to common simulation protocols such as DIS and HLA. Developed to provide intuitive and cost effective communications solutions, sonomarc offers the ability to integrate Live, Virtual and Constructive communications into one package. From simulated training to operational radio integration, sonomarc is a communications force multiplier.



PLEXComm Virtual Radio (PLEXCommVR) employs stand-alone software compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Linux operating systems.  It is also DIS and HLA compatible, allowing you to talk and listen on multiple radios and nets simultaneously.  Each radio is run-time configurable for most DIS parametrics including Frequency, Power, Gain, Modulation and Exercise ID.  Additionally, users can interject reality into training scenarios by performing simulated communication jamming and enhanced spoofing against any radio (export controlled).  For secure communications training, PLEXCommVR simulates secure systems and keys with HAVE QUICK Net, Time of Day (ToD) and Word of Day (WoD) settings for each radio (export controlled).


Capture & Analyze

ImmersaView (a PLEXSYS company) provides the ability record, monitor and playback synchronized video, audio and data to support your local and distributed, multi-participant brief/debrief requirements of any live/synthetic blended training system across multiple security enclaves.  Integrated diagnostics, 3D viewing, and custom voice channel playback are available when paired with other PLEXSYS solutions.


  • Analyze DIS/HLA Traffic
  • 3D Situational Awareness
  • Distributed and Local Brief/Debrief
  • Record & Replay Video, Audio, and Data


VADAAR LVC is an advanced connection framework that lets you record, monitor, and debrief in Live, Virtual, and Constructive environments.  VADAAR LVC can be added to any platform. Tap into video displays, cameras, audio, and network traffic to record everything that happens.  Featuring a powerful network centric architecture, VADAAR LVC connects multiple participants into a coordinated brief/debrief.  Whether in the same room, same site, or distributed across the world, with VADAAR LVC you find out what’s important and focus on the right learning outcomes.



Diagnostics logs network traffic on a given network port and provides display filters, which allow users to efficiently observe, sort, and analyze simulation data. DIS Packet Analyzer (DPA) is the application within Diagnostics that supports analyzing DIS networks. This allows the user to troubleshoot and analyze their simulation network traffic using easy-to-read dialogs that arrange PDU data in a logical sequence. A similar application, called HLA Packet Analyzer (HPA), is also available for analyzing HLA network traffic.



Blending multiple projectors into one seamless display, while warping that display onto curved, faceted, or dome screens.  We have the expertise to plan, design and implement your next visual project.  Other advanced display solutions include environment viewing tools that provide a window into your entire 3D simulation environment and a combined operating picture which helps you take command of your assets with superior “situational awareness”.  Additionally, PLEXSYS offers an Incident Command System which presents mission-relevant, actionable information fostering time-critical decision making for emergency management and accountability operations.


  • SimVisuals 2
  • Combined Operational Picture

Display Solutions By ImmersaView

Expand your visual possibilities with our Advanced Display Software, the ultimate geometry correction and edge blending software.  ImmersaView has the industry experience and technical expertise you require to plan, design and successfully implement your next visual project.  Whether in software or strategy, ImmersaView has the industry insight, passion and expertise to deliver technology solutions that streamline the way you manage your visual, audio and sensory assets.


Emergency Management & Accountability

PLEXSYS offers an Incident Command System called OnScene Commander for emergency management and accountability operations.  This system presents mission-relevant, actionable information fostering time-critical decision making.



Our character and expertise drive our commitment to your success and our reputation for integrity, excellence, teamwork, and agility.  We pride ourselves on working and playing well with others.  Our software interfaces create integrated solutions. Our cybersecurity policy/process/procedures enable these solutions to test/connect/operate to meet your security/network requirements.  Lastly, our support access is 24/7; our response is timely and effective, and our people are vested in your very real success.


  • M&S Framework
  • Live to Virtual-Constructive
  • Custom
  • Gateways


Cyber Security

  • Access Control
  • Cybersecurity (RMF compliance)


  • Install
  • Training
  • 24/7 Help Desk
  • Diagnostics



Learn how PLEXSYS can provide the right solutions to enable your best readiness.